February 9, 2023


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Why Should You Give Up The Fax Machines Right Here And Now?

It goes without saying that fax machines can be valuable helpers for different business purposes. They provide your organization with essential communication channels, and you can absolutely rely on them when you need to send important documents, e.g., checks, letters, contracts, etc. But can you be sure that faxing doesn’t invite risky practices that harm your privacy? Unfortunately, fax machines come with security issues, and you should know about them in order to prevent or solve the problem.

Why Should You Give Up The Fax Machines Right Here And Now

Have you ever asked yourself: how to fax documents from iPhone? Actually, a good app is the simplest tip to avoid any problems. Not only does it help you to get rid of security concerns, but it is also a decent alternative to outdated technology. Whatever document you have, the Fax App will help you to send it on the go. Such tools come with various editing options as well.

So, what are the main risks of traditional fax machines?

Technology is vulnerable

On the one hand, you can’t compare equipment that you use today to machines that were popular in the 60s. A lot of things have changed, but it is necessary to understand that technology remains the same. Transmission protocols are really outdated, which means that hackers can easily access your business data. If you don’t want someone else to bypass your security measures, it would be a good idea to install an application on your iPhone that can’t be hacked that easily.

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Human errors are possible

Do you know what the main cause of most data breaches is? Exactly, up to 90% of them are caused by human error. One day you might find yourself with an extremely important document that was faxed to the wrong person. It is very easy to misdial numbers or select the wrong paper, especially when you want to fax it fast because you need to leave the office. Besides, fax numbers can’t be stored and assigned to specific contacts as it is possible with any iPhone.

When you send your documents via an appropriate app, you just choose a recipient from your contact list. You can change your own number every month.

Data is not encrypted

When you’re faxing with a traditional machine, it uses an analogue line which means that data sent through it can’t be encrypted. That’s why such lines are becoming obsolete these days. Why should you use them when you have technology that allows for data protection? When using a fax machine, you should not worry about hijacking the information and direct data theft. Modern alternatives come with encryption as well as with e-signature that protects your scanning affairs.

Documents can be accessed without authorization

It is no need to explain that fax machines that are located in a public area can’t be 100% secure. When your contract, bill, or letter is transmitted, the chances are it ends up on the fax paper tray. What does this mean for you? Unauthorized individuals can easily view your faxes, even if they don’t have any bad intentions.

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You might not worry about such issues when you don’t deal with strictly confidential information. But just imagine that you receive a fax from your physiotherapist. We believe that any individual would prefer to avoid such situations where their colleagues could pick up and read the document. Besides, your business documentation might also contain some sensitive information, e.g., payment data, your partners’ personal data, and so on. So, if you want all of your faxes to be delivered to specific recipients, consider alternatives to fax machines.

It is easy to lose the data

What we really love about digital options is that when you have a document, not only you can fax it fast, but you also can manage all of your papers easily, track the history, import files, etc. We know that paper files are vulnerable to loss and theft, but your smartphone is protected, and you have all of your items in the same place. Actually, there are many advantages that you will appreciate. For example, you don’t need to have all of your files at hand – just scan them and fax them from a business trip or a vacation. You can save a lot of trees by not printing the documents. And we’ve already mentioned editing options that take your fax experience to the next level.

To use fax machines or not to use: that’s the question! We believe that such machines were extremely helpful…30 years ago. Nowadays, they are outdated, and it is a bad idea to use them to support your business communication. Choose the alternative that meets the demands of the digital century, take advantage of its benefits and protect your documents on different levels.

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