January 31, 2023


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Top Plagiarism Checkers to Create Original Papers

Plagiarism can be a pretty big offense in academia. Students should do their best to avoid such accusations. Fortunately, these plagiarism checkers can help.

Students aren’t exactly thrilled with each writing assignment they get. After all, writing a paper comes with a lot of work and time-consuming tasks. One should learn how to find the right academic sources, cite them, structure texts, and express thoughts originally and uniquely.

Unfortunately, many young people struggle with such tasks, especially during the first semesters. Yet, poor writing skills expand your chances of finding plagiarism in texts.

Inexperienced writers are often at risk of having unoriginal papers even when they’ve done nothing wrong. That’s why it’s highly recommended to use plagiarism checkers with each essay. These programs will help students edit their papers to perfection, leaving no room for unoriginal sentences. The main issue here is in choosing a checker for such a job. Here is everything you should know about checkers and why to use them.

What is plagiarism?

So, let’s begin by answering the main questions: what and why. What is plagiarism, and why should I care? Overall, it’s a form of evidence that your text is not exactly unique and original. Hence, it’s an indication of intellectual theft. It can happen due to a number of reasons, intentional and unintentional.

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Hence, students can fail to quote their sources the right way, which, in turn, triggers plagiarism checkers. On the other hand, students can intentionally put someone else’s ideas and words into their papers without acknowledging their authors.

Top Plagiarism Checkers to Create Original Papers

Plagiarism checks exist to prevent lazy writing and thefts. Hence, students who get caught with low originality scores will inevitably face dire consequences for their flawed works. To avoid such repercussions, young people should use online checkers. These programs will improve text originality and teach students about common writing/citing mistakes. Here are the top checkers for you to try next time you edit an essay.


All students must already know about Grammarly. It’s one of the most common editing tools online. However, many people may miss Grammarly’s ability to run plagiarism checks. Indeed, this program can help students correct their low originality in papers by showing where their weakest points are and what online articles they copy. Unfortunately, though, this tool is available only in the paid version. However, the premium version will also give you access to additional editing and proofreading features that can enhance your writing style.


This program is meant for students and scholars. ProWritingAid can check large quantities of text, whether these are essays or dissertations. You can check papers by copying the body of work or uploading work files.

You can use a Chrome extension. Thus, you’ll be able to check and edit your world on the go while you are still working on the file. In addition, such an extension comes with basic grammar editing tools. Such an extension is free.

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On the other hand, you can use a free trial of the premium version. This program will fit any type of platform or the browser you are working in a while also fitting your writing styles and texts’ nature. It has a specific setting for academic writing to help you adjust your wording and sentence building accordingly.


Copyleaks software is known for fast and accurate results for business and academia. The program operates on a large database, comparing your work with thousands of online articles, papers, reports, etc. The software will then provide you with a detailed yet comprehensive report, indicating your weak spots. One can also crosscheck their works with other documents when needed.

Such an extensive search for duplicates will not leave any room for errors or inconsistencies. In addition, the software can work with 100+ languages. The program is applicable on several writing platforms and browsers. You can purchase this software for slightly over $9 per month.


Is it safe to use plagiarism checkers?

The use of such applications should be completely safe. However, it’s best to use the services of reliable, well-known, and respected checkers to avoid any online fraud or scams.

Can someone steal my work when I use a checker?

No one should be able to steal the text you send for a check unless a fraudulent program is involved. A reliable program will not store or keep any other data on your text once you finish the check.

Is there a difference in results to what checker I use?

Yes and no. Overall, most checkers will give you a somewhat similar score for your paper’s originality. However, different online checkers can have different databases (larger, more specific, etc.) that can result in different final scores. In addition, some checkers are more thorough and sensitive than others.

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How do I choose the right checker?

You can use the guide above and try several checkers before finding the one for your needs and preferences. Users’ convenience, safety, as well as time should be a priority for any respectable checker.

How do I avoid plagiarism altogether?

Students should work hard on their citing skills, proofreading, and editing. Or, they can also turn to paperhelp academic writers for assistance. Thus, you can read a paperhelp review on our site to see what services, including plagiarism checks, such sites offer.