February 5, 2023


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How Does a VPN Protect Your Privacy?

VPN is probably one of the eminent digital tools for all sorts of users- be it a student or a working professionals. Most users use it effortlessly to access multiple contents across countries and other barriers. But do you know what a VPN is and how does a VPN protect your privacy? Do yourself a favor by going through this article to get proper knowledge about VPNs and the Underlying process. Also, you will get to know how secure it is using a VPN before we wind up. 

The essence of VPN

Standing for Virtual Private networks, these encrypt the traffic from the internet in such a way that the websites and other third-party software cannot find the user’s identity. This way, the secured users can avoid theft of their data. 

The process can be pretty simple, activating a VPN on your device masks off your IP address and provides a private setup while you browse the internet. The advantage is that even if you are prone to hacking, your personal data is secured. 

VPN – Its Underlying Procedure of Protection

As depicted in the previous lines, VPN’s main feature is to mask the IP address. This change in address is done with a VPN host, based on an especially configured remote server. Basically, when it is turned on, the address of the VPN is the user’s address. Here are the areas that VPN often addressed when VPN is turned on in a device:

  • Encoding IP address: This is the first step. The user in the VPN network becomes local to its IP address thereby replacing the original one. Except for the VPN provider, no one knows the sent and received information, which is a clear edge.
  • Enciphering logs: Traversing through the internet a user can gather some details like history, cookies, and bookmarks. These are often known as logs. While logs are often not crucial for basic users, they play an important role in ensuring the security of the user. Thankfully, a good VPN provider ensures control over logs too. They restrict information like personal, financial, and other details to leak to third-party users. This tracing becomes impossible. 
  • Switching: Sometimes the VPN server may go down and accordingly the security it provides may also be affected. Therefore, a good VPN also comes with a switching option. By this, it automatically turns off the connection to ensure the security of users. 
  • Authenticating with multiple Factors: Some websites or pages are restricted to some countries and locations only. If a foreign user tries to get into it, they may face an authentication error. But with a VPN, these restrictions can be bypassed easily. Say, a user in China can see Netflix US content. 

Types of VPN: How do Functions change?

While the essence of the VPN almost remains the same, the type can determine some minor differences in protection. Here are some picks worth comprehending:

  • Remote Access VPN: As the name depicts, it ensures a private network for the users. These are often used by corporate employees to connect privately with peers and company employees. 
  • Site to Site VPN: This masks the selected network of the users. For this reason, it is employed by businesses and organizations to privately interlink connections with other branches in other locations. 

How Secure is a VPN?

VPN and security can be distinct terms on some grounds. If by security, you mean to just look at your identity, then VPN can be a quick option. But it is important for all users to make note that ensuring a VPN setup will still make them prone to risks of malware and Spyware. Accordingly, opting for a VPN only may be enough for limited utilities only. Also, the common and main con of VPNs is they cannot mask location access. For instance, google maps need the location of the device, so it can track the location which VPN cannot restrict. 

Should you invest in VPN?

The extent of the requirement is the central factor that determines the answer to this question. For occasional and single users, free versions can often be more than enough. But for professional users like companies and businesses, investing in a good VPN is often a great idea. Reputed companies like Forbes suggest that investing and using VPN is often necessary for everyone  

Winding Up

While employing a VPN in the internet sessions, it may be important to understand clearly how it works. Only by knowing this, one can decide whether VPN can help in their task or not.  The whole strategy and process of working are clearly elucidated for you. Check out these insights to ensure a gripping knowledge here on. Here on, there are three important points about how VPN protects: confidentiality, authentication, and integrity.

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