February 9, 2023


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6 Modern Apps Which Are Popular Among Tech Users

Smartphones and innovative apps have been solving plenty of human problems, taking our lives to a level that was hard to imagine even 20 years ago. In fact, each of us performs more and more daily activities with the support of mobile applications. There are news apps that keep us up to date, banking apps to monitor our personal finances, and even apps that make the tax filing process easy and convenient.

We have dating apps to help us with our love lives, and countless shopping apps for practically anything you could ever want. There are apps for everything—which is why we spend a large portion of our days and nights staring at our phones. It means that thousands of app developers do their best to surprise people and provide them with something new, creative, and unique. Check the App Store, and you’ll find a paramount number of applications with incredible features.

6 Modern Apps Which Are Popular Among Tech Users

So, what of them are the most popular in the tech world? What software should you try to upgrade your smartphone and take the most advantage of it?

Scanner App

If you’re looking for the best PDF scanner apps, you should consider this innovative option. Just imagine: your smartphone is the only thing you need to scan docs to PDF files! Your iPhone becomes a small office with all the necessary features. Whether you need to scan a passport, letter, receipt, check, or business contract, you can do it in a few minutes. Moreover, it is very easy to convert your scans into all popular formats, e.g., you can create JPEG or PDF docs.

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This app scanner comes with various additional features that you’ll also appreciate. For example, you can recognize text on images, leverage ruler and counter, and manage and share your files with fewer hurdles. The scanning process has never been that easy and, what is also very important, safe. You can protect your documents with PIN, FACE ID, watermarks, and e-signature.


The interesting fact is that you can use your iPhone for very different purposes. On the one hand, you take advantage of scanning, faxing, and other business features. But on the other hand, there are tools that help you to be more mindful and keep a life-work balance.

Calm is an app with relaxing music, meditations, lessons on stretching that lower stress, support restful sleep and help you feel less anxious, etc. What we really love about this application is that it contains sleep stories by Harry Styles, Stephen Fry, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Thompson, etc. There are also modern features like tracking statistics and reminders. The software is regularly updated.


With mobile app innovations, it becomes extremely easy to find soulmates in different countries. For example, Weverse is a digital “fancafe” which connects fans from around the world. Artists publish exclusive content and releases that are not accessible anywhere else. There are also “moments” where you can see your favorite creators’ stories that expire after 24 hours.

Along with artists-to-fans interactions and platforms for people to connect with each other, Weverse will become your favorite app for exclusive content.


A good app scanner usually comes with various editing features for regular users. However, if you want to design graphics and pdf docs or create materials for promotional or other marketing purposes, you need something more. Canva is a user-friendly application that you can use even if you absolutely don’t have visual or graphic design experience. There are plenty of free templates for posters, CTAs, brochures, banners, and so on. Of course, they are of correct sizing for whatever social platform you want to use.

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Simply put, anyone can be a designer using this application. The tool is budget-friendly, and it comes with additional options in a pro-version.


If you’re looking for a mind mapping tool that works great on iOS devices, you should download Mindnode from the App Store. This app was designed for individuals, teams, and organizations that want to capture, explore, organize, and share their ideas smoothly.

The first feature you’ll appreciate is a quick entry. It lets you capture any thoughts that spring into your mind and gather them into a document. You’re not limited to texts! Leverage tasks, images, extended notes, links, and so on. There are plenty of pics, stickers, and icons, and it goes without saying that you can export your projects into a range of formats.

Speaking about other Mindnode opportunities, there are layout and outline view features that help you to present your ideas attractively and ensure that they are readable and appealing. You can also link several thoughts together and create new connections and relationships.


What about creating your own magazine? Flipboard is a tool where you can add content from articles, news, stories, and other sources. You can share it with other people as well. It goes not only about the text; you can also watch videos, listen to music, connect your magazines to social media accounts, etc. It is a great app that organizes the content you consume – you can save the papers you want to read later, choose categories for materials you’re interested in, subscribe to different resources and blogs, and so on.

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Obviously, there are so many innovative applications that it is impossible to include all of them in one article. Try different tools that make your life easier, experiment with unique features, and take the most advantage of modern technologies!